Manajemen Pengelolaan Kelas Daring Pada Masa Pandemi


  • Dwi Novita Sari
  • Wardi


Classroom Management, COVID 19 Pandemic, Online


The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted various changes that have forced many people from various statuses and professions to adapt. The realm of education has also undergone many adjustments, starting from the learning process carried out in a distance, especially for areas outside the green zone. Schools unpreparedness to implement distance schools through the online system raises many obstacles. One of them is because the teachers themselves are still unfamiliar with the use of tools in online learning systems. Giving material in written or video form requires students to learn more independently. This is certainly not easy for students. Often they get bored and this affects their interest in learning. It takes online classroom management that is more than just giving attached assignments or videos. This study provides an overview of how good classroom management is to support the implementation of online teaching and learning activities. By using the descriptive analytical research method, it was found that online learning media act as a learning class. Teachers need to master online learning media to create creative learning in school from home activities. In the end, it was found that classroom management during the pandemic was more focused on non-physical matters, including: Interaction of students both with teachers and between students, learning environment, emotional and intellectual side. With this research, it is hoped that educators can consider various things in arranging online learning activities.


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